bespoke walking

One cannot experience the magnitude of a natural environment from the outside in. Essentially it’s all about the inside out. Through many encounters, long walks and treks, each one unique and powerful, my senses have become intimately in-tune with my surroundings. Walking within the bush, connected to the circle of life is an extremely vulnerable yet safe medium to live the bush. This is what I do. I take you to a place within yourself that is yearning for the sheer thrill of adventure, in a meaningful manner, allowing you to photograph, memorize and walk away from the experience humbled and honored. Bespoke walking is just this. Specific “walking camps” are selected to enhance the excitement of the adventure whilst still focusing on attention to detail and pristine beauty. Your preferences are taken to heart so as to allow for the ultimate trek and may be relaxed or fast moving and completely extreme. Group size may range from 1 person to a maximum number of 6 adults. This is to ensure the utmost safely and quality experience.

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