guide mentoring

Mentoring and training is structured with a specific intention in mind and is outcome based. Dangerous game encounter is what I teach in conjunction with the importance of the bigger picture incorporating balance and respect for the smallest insect. Skill development and high end safety follow-through are paramount whilst on a mentorship program.

The mentorship program creates a platform for all guides both new to the industry and old hands, to improve and enhance their own skills and become more professional, proficient and versed in aspects that are required from a professional safari guide. Alongside the qualities of such an individual, there are aspects to consider whilst the guide is under the employ of a company and to have the individual represent their brand to the potential intended.

Mentoring instills self worth within the individual and simultaneously evokes awareness in every aspect of the guide in the area of operation. This is reflected in conversation, appearance, research, reading the signs and approaching big game on foot. Length of training is group specific and tailor made and terrain  selected is vast and wild.


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