your travel bag

Travelling on safari is one of the most exciting adventures you may ever embark upon and certainly the one adventure where your travel bag needs special attention.  For many, it seems to be just another vacation but on the contrary, it is a trip that demands a fair amount of careful thought and planning.

What to bring along  with you will make it an enjoyable journey and omitting any item may hinder your experience. Your travel bag is the second most important aspect of your safari apart from yourself and that  what you anticipate and wish to experience.

Listed here are a few important items to bring along on your safari:

suitable neutral-toned clothing
depending on the season, warm clothing for winter (fleece, scarf, beanie, gloves) and light clothing for summer  with layers that can be shed as it heats up
floppy hats and caps are a must
suitable sunglasses , sunscreen and insect repellent
comfortable walking shoes , pair of sandals or flip flops whilst in camp when at leisure
reliable field glasses or binoculars , bird book if you share an interest in Ornithology and then also the all important camera with all the chargers, extra batteries and accessories - a tripod or mono pod will come in handy as will a bean bag to assist with the stabilizing of the camera whilst shooting should you intend to  embark on some photography
the recommended anti – malaria medication and relevant vacinations as per travel clinics
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